Web Design Scam


“Hello, I’m ______ and i am hearing impaired i need know if you can handle website design for a new company and i also need to know if you accept credit cards as form of payment ?” or various versions of this message have been sent to us at least once a week for the past few months via email and text message.

We’ve tried playing along to see where the scam really lives in this offer and it’s not hard to spot.  The sender starts by saying they are the owner of “ importing and exporting of Agriculture products such as Kola Nut, Gacillia Nut and Cocoa” and that they “want the domain name as jaysmithfarmproduce.com”.  They have already worked with a private project consultant to get all the images and content together and the scam then surfaces.  “The favor i need from you is. i would give you my card info’s to charge for $X. so $X would be a deposit payment for my website design and the remaining $X you would help me send it to the project consultant that has the text content and the logo for my website so once he has the $X he would send the text content and logo needed for my website to you also the funds would be sent to him via money gram”.

Sure thing, buddy…. I’m sure once I send that money gram to some stranger that you won’t charge back the credit card and then I’ll be out $X for the money gram I sent some random person.  Nice try and hope you continue to have bad luck with these messages.

Keep an eye out for this scam but also be sure to Google any suspicious project requests or clients to make sure they are legitimate.


Because I’ve been continually getting these and they are slowly evolving I’m going to start posting the email addresses and phone numbers I receive this scam from below

UPDATE (7/18/2016):

As you can see from the comments this scam is evolving into target people offering many different types of services.  I’ve seen comments about bakeries, life coaches, counselors, therapists, etc.  Keep an eye out and always make sure to Google email addresses when you’re unsure of a new lead.

UPDATE (10/01/18):

I’m still getting these….   the newest variation I’ve seen recently is a salon web site for garciaspasaloncomplex.net.  Keep yourself safe and Google all your leads….

6128437588 – Mannix Jones
7026213773 – Humble Smith
8123290706 – owemby@gmail.com
2247956718 – Sam Haroun
6786019668 – Kathy James
8044594809 – Frank Anderson
7178357449 – Pat Doween – important.doweenpat77@outlook.com
Carlton Ball – caltonball500@gmail.com
florenceparker9@gmail.com – Florence Parker
3316847158 – Lana
9175039684 – John Locke
4434037730 – Isabella Bradley
6143759933 – Kate Am
kerryrob2015@gmail.com – Kerry Robert
kendramiro3@gmail.com – Kendra Miro
5086239341 – ritahaynie23@gmail.com – Rita S Haynie
mstanis1967@gmail.com – Martins Stanis
michealwilliams021@gmail.com – Micheal Williams
davidwillson50000@gmail.com – David Willson
alexwill201@aol.com – Alex Williams
janehaggard04@gmail.com – Jane Haggard
davidwillson5000@gmail.com – David Willson
clarajones346@gmail.com – Clara Jones
tracyenu@gmail.com – Tracy Obrain
grayjohnson001@gmail.com – Gray Floyd
jefflewis023@gmail.com – Jeff Lewis
6466998509 – Barry Smith
7205099143 – Barry Smith
htom30@outlook.com – Tom Handerson
faithwilliams4321@gmail.com – Faith Williams
4157995585 – Scott Hollan
amberalex200@gmail.com – Amber Alex
rstark1969@gmail.com – Robin Stark
tomsteward007@gmail.com – Tom Steward
terry.banks011@yahoo.com – Terry Banks
4439641907 – Elena Patrick
9293364302 – Guan
8163218767 – Walter
7122548330 – Joy
joekelly1417@hotmail.com – Joe Kelly
walkerscott112@gmail.com – Walker
6015091127 – Thomas Nicolas
916-581-0495 – Adriane
951-292-0035 – debramorton231@gmail.com – James
robertsjames423@gmail.com – Roberts James
doweenpat77@outlook.com – Pat Doween
colemayer007@gmail.com – Cole Mayer
mickchristian830@gmail.com – Michael Christian
jco2661326@gmail.com – 818-639-8611 – Joshua Co
William James – jamewilliam880099@gmail.com
(530) 812-0629 –
(415) 878-6514 – Margaret Abraham – This one was actually localized for our area asking for a new site for a business a town over from us…
(713) 234-6417 – Battista
alexalonso432@yahoo.com – Alex Alonso
mv673733@lycos.com – Joe Briagas
Jameskruse101@hotmail.com – James Kruse
jonton1990@gmail.com – Jennifer
michaeljasonmichael96@gmail.com – Jason Michael
sj742176@gmail.com – Steve Johnson
ballstone147@gmail.com – Ball Stone
omahanoble1962@gmail.com – Noble James
Eatonrobert123344521@outlook.com – Eaton Robert
albertroger64@gmail.com – Albert Roger



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