Mailman Email Marketing from Azunga

Azunga is proud to announce our own email marketing solution for small businesses around the world.  It’s no secret that email marketing is growing and growing everyday.  More and more people check their email all the time and every year more and more are tied to their inbox.

  • Over half of all mobile workers check their email when they first wake up.
  • There are 3.3 billion email accounts (social media clocks in at 2.7 billion accounts)
  • Email is the most dominant way of sharing information with more than 100 trillion messages sent a year.
  • 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel in generating revenue

Mailman email marketing from Azunga is our solution to costly email marketing services that allows you to bring whatever list you’d like onto our system to mass email out potential customers.  With Mailman our clients are able to send out well written, timed and managed messages to their newsletter groups ontime and effectively.  The costs for email marketing versus traditional mail marketing are staggering.  Postage, printing, designing, sorting, and mailing a physical copy is great and can certainly help expose a brand to new clients but it’s costs are for more than email marketing.  Most marketers are turning to email marketing because of it’s great affordability, it’s ease of use and great return on investment.

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