Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Since the web is always changing (search engines, competitors web sites, web site directories,  and many others) it’s important that your search engine optimization continues to be properly done.  Major search engines change their algorithms very often and it’s important to stay on top of changes in order to minimize any negative results from such search engine changes.  Search engine algorithms even change several times in a single week!

Also competitors are always looking to get the edge on marketing and more exposure online.  It’s widely known that many traditional advertising techniques don’t work as well and many businesses have turned to search engines to help bring in new customers.   With billions of people using search engines everyday it’s no surprise.

All of our ongoing search engine optimization is based on monthly packages with varying degrees of frequency throughout the month.

SEO Package Details

Initial Keyword Research & Recommendations – What keywords will
pull in qualified traffic, how many searches do these terms/phrases
get, how should keywords be used in the site to attract search
Design, Usability & User Experience Improvements – To help
improve the way visitors and computers perceive/use/index the
site, and make it more attractive to the the two major search
Meta Tag Maintenance – Consistent updating, rotating, and
insertion of keywords in all appropriate fields for better search
engine rankings.
Keyword Insertion – Analyzing and rotating (if necessary) keywords
throughout the content of the site.
Alternate Image Tags – Consistent updating, rotating, and insertion
of keywords in alternate tags for images for better search engine
Analytics Monitoring – Weekly monitoring of site traffic to ensure
that traffic is increasing or getting desired results.
Event or Calendar Planned SEO – Contact Azunga to target
keywords prior and during local events, happenings, or other
targeted markets. (Example = “Portland Flower Show”)
Competitor Analysis – Reviewing what competitors in the same
field are doing to gain links, search engine rankings, creating
unique content, driving traffic, and other tactics to improve search
engine rankings.

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