New Site Launch – East Side Paving

A refresh for the Portland experts in paving! We were happy to work with Portland paving contractors and asphalt paving experts at Eastside Paving again to give them a great refresh on their web site. Eastside Paving had goals to have a cleaner, more modern, and of course, more leads / calls to action in […]

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We’re Open to Get You Found Online During Covid-19

We’re open and here to help! Times are strange right now especially in Portland. There’s a lot of uncertainty and unknowns about day to day changes with the current pandemic, protests, and economy. We’re your Portland web design and online marketing experts here to help you! (more…)

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New Site Launch for Quechua Benefit

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just launched a new web site for Quechua Benefit.  We take pride in helping a non-profit organization such as Quechua Benefit.  We always get a huge sense of community and reward from helping organizations that are founded on the basis of helping people.  Quechua Benefit is a great organization […]

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New Site Launch For Michelle’s Piano

We’re pleased to announce the web site redesign launch of Michelle’s Piano.  Michelle’s Piano company is based here in Portland, OR. We’ve been working with Michelle’s Piano company on their online marketing for many years.  For this web site redesign we worked with Michelle’s to make sure that they have a web site that meets […]

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Web Design Scam

“Hello, I’m ______ and i am hearing impaired i need know if you can handle website design for a new company and i also need to know if you accept credit cards as form of payment ?” or various versions of this message have been sent to us at least once a week for the […]

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New Site Launch – Julie Berman Therapy

We’re pleased to announce the launch the web site of Julie Berman Therapy and www.portland-therapist.co.  Julie Berman therapy is a Portland, locally owned therapist that offers therapy for a number of addictions, depression, anxiety, and much more.  She specializes in individual therapy, couples therapy, and relationship therapy for a number of disorders and addictions.  The […]

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Add A Sitelinks Search Box

More and more we’re starting to see increased functionality from the search engine results pages (SERP’s). From the Knowledge Graph (or is that Knowledge Vault) to Site Links there’s more and more going on the SERP’s everyday. This isn’t suprising at all. Google is trying to do it’s best to keep as many users on […]

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SSL Certificates and SEO on Your Site?

Google’s finally made its so.  Web sites that are made to be secure and use SSL will now get a rankings boost in the search engine results pages (SERPs).  From my reading on their official blog they say that it’ll effect less then 1% of searches so that means it’s likely to be a very […]

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SNK Group Site Launch

We’re please to announce the launch of SNK Group’s new web site.  Their web site features a wealth of information about the services they offer as well as case studies of current and previous clients, news about current events and resources for others to find out more information about SNK Group. SNK Group are locally […]

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Google+ Review Handout for Businesses

Review Handout Generator for Google+

I just came across this review handout generator for Google+ and thought it would be a great resource for any small business to use.  It generates a PDF that allows you to print out and give out to customers in order to boost the amount of reviews your business has on Google+.  (more…)

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