Dynamic Web Design and Content Management Systems (CMS)

Having a web site that is up to date, has new and relevant information, and that is engaging is critical online.  With billions of other web sites online and out there to be viewed why should customers and visitors go to your web site?  Great information that’s easy to find and fills the needs of the visitor is the key to high traffic and success online.  With a content management system and dynamic web site it’s easy to update blog posts, add a new page, upload new pictures to the image gallery, or make necessary changes to keep things current.

A content management system or dynamic web site is a web site that has been created with a system that allows the web sites owner and other allow users to update, change, and alter content on the web site live.  Having to call a web designer or developer for simple changes isn’t needed anymore and that means that changes will be quicker, more affordable, and exactly as the site owner would like them.

At Azunga there is plenty of great options for content management systems out there.  Some are premium (paid software) and some are free or open source.  We prefer WordPress as our content management system of choice for many reasons:

  • Open Source Software.
  • Supported by thousands of designers, developers, and end users.
  • Thousands of free and premium plugins, themes, and addons.
  • Over 60+ million web sites use WordPress.

Azunga WordPress Web Site Design in Portland OR



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