Email Marketing Template Creation

With email marketing becoming more and more important it’s necessary to get into the game now.  Most email marketing software allows for the use of templates in order to keep the look and the feel of the email marketing consistent across devices and email software.  These templates are usually very generic and unprofessional.  Stand out from the normal template email marketing companies offer.  Their templates are boring, don’t fit your color scheme and fonts, don’t look the same way as your brand, and they are used by tons of others using the same system.

Creation of a new template for email marketing includes all graphic design and coding needed for effective email marketing.  Since email marketing and spam filters on many different email software renders differently then normal HTML and CSS (like a web site) it’s important to properly code a newsletter for the highest inbox rates and conversions.   Standard HTML and CSS that are commonly used in web sites don’t work as well with email software which causes emails to be illegible, not formatted correctly or even worse caught by a spam filter.  Azunga makes sure that all custom email marketing templates are done with care and with all the necessary coding to effectively market a product or service to millions.

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