Portfolio or Brochure Web Sites

These are generally static (no ability to change the content, images, or media without HTML/CSS knowledge) web sites that range between 1-10 pages. Examples include various types of artist portfolios, one page pamphlets, microsites, simple, one-off events pages and more where there is no database connected to the web site. Changes and updates to static web sites (also known as pamphlet, portfolio or brochure web sites) aren’t as intuitive for the average user unless they are well versed in HTML and CSS.

With the right marketing and effort these types of web sites can be highly effective for the right audience and organization. They are easier to develop quickly, can still be made responsive or mobile friendly, and with the right design they can really stand out. Overall though, these types of web sites aren’t recommended for many small businesses because a web site that is constantly updated and loaded with great content will bring a greater return on investment in the long run. The price might be low in the beginning but the cost is high in the long run.


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