One Time Updates and Backup

Have a web site that hasn’t been touched in years?  Worried that it might break when you update to the newest version or worried you might loose your content?

It’s easy to forgot about a web site for a long time or get distracted by other parts of a business.  We can take the current site, back it up, up grade it to the newest version, and make sure all of the content is displaying correctly.  Since there’s many things to think about and processes to know it’s important to take a full back up of not just the files on the server but also a backup of the database which contains all of the web sites content.  Having a backup can save thousands of dollars in recovery or redesigning.

Keeping current with newest versions of the content management system is crucial to having a site that is secure, functional, and working.  Since there’s hundreds of thousands of lines of code that make most content management systems work it’s easy for there to be new security holes, exploits and work arounds to be found that could possibly lead to a site getting hacked.  Updating a site to the newest version of the content management system that the site runs on will make the site that much more secure and will do a great part in reducing the amount of downtime and costs.

Web Site Management Quick Facts

• Google finds 9,500 new malicious websites every day
• Every day more than 30,000 websites are infected with some type of malware
• The most common way of a web site being hacked is an out dated content management system or out-dated plug-ins / add-ons or a weak password

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