Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Already have a web site but you can’t update the pages or images?  Need to be able to change prices for your menu or products?  A content management system is the answer.  With a content management system the site owner can quickly and easily change content, images, videos, banners, and so much more.  There’s no need to track down your web designer / web developer to change and update your web site.

With the ability to quickly change content, pages, blog posts, and much more on an often basis your web site will gain higher search engine rankings much more quickly then it would with a static web site that doesn’t change often.  The major search engines love fresh, unique content on web sites. With the ability to quickly add new content and change things around whenever the site owner this helps the web site get much more visibility, higher search engine rankings for a more diverse range of keywords, and overall visitors.

With a content management system the site owner can allow and setup users.  These users roles allow the site owner to setup and manage many people, employees, or members of the organization allowing or denying them the ability to make blog posts, change pages, add new content and many other functions of the web site.

We prefer WordPress as our content management system of choice.  There’s many other great options but we like WordPress for many reasons:

  • Open Source Software.
  • Supported by thousands of designers, developers, and end users.
  • Thousands of free and premium plugins, themes, and addons.
  • Over 60+ Million web sites use WordPress


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