Craigslist and Backpage Marketing

Classifieds type web sites such as Craigslist and Backpage are the new newspaper classifieds.  Billions of visitors search Craigslist and Backpage for cars, apartments, dates, and various services that range across the board.  Correctly utilizing them properly can generate large amounts of web site traffic as well as many sales.  But it’s not as easy as just posting a product or service.  Templates, phone-verification, email verifications, ghosting, missing posts, HTML and much more can make many of the classifieds type web sites hard to manage.  Also many of the classified sites have to be renewed on a regular basis at various times so that listings don’t get buried under the flood of new ones coming in all the time.   There’s many parts to a successful online classifieds listing which can end up taking a lot of time to perfect.  Azunga has been regularly posting posts for products and services that get results for many years.  We know how to setup a proper template with approved HTML, avoid getting ghosted, and pass all the verifications needed to post to Craigslist and Backpage with great results.

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