Azunga Marketing is a Portland web design and development company formed to assist businesses with their website and online marketing needs.  We create stunning, interactive, and profitable web sites from our local office in Portland OR.  Our Portland web sites and other web sites around the world have praised the work we do because we are very communicative, professional, and affordable.  We are 100% vested in every project we take on so that our clients get the best results possible.

We focus on bringing our clients an online presence that brings their business or organization brand exposure, customer engagement, and increased profits.  Since there’s billions of people online around the world and there’s hundreds of millions of web sites it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.  We create a web presence that stands out from the millions of others by offering a great user experience, amazing support, and customized solutions for our clients target market.

Azunga Marketing works with our clients!

We don’t tell our clients what to do, what to think or what should happen.  We work with our clients by giving them suggestions, feedback, and listening to what our clients say about their business or organization.  Working with our clients we guide them through our entire process while being clear about what is exactly happening with our services and projects.   Since we have many years of experience and many different projects under our belt, we are able to give our clients a process and projects that work.

No flaky designers or developers here!

Azunga Marketing has a strong focus on communication and professionalism.  We know that there’s a ton of unprofessional designers and marketing professionals on sites all over the web.  In the long run these types of flaky designers end up costing their clients time and money because of set backs, unexpected changes, non-responses, missed deadlines and no help to get a web site that gives positive results.  Azunga is committed to responding to all client requests within 2 business days.   No matter how big or how small the question, we will always get back to our clients.

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