A ton of pages will rank my site highly, right?

Anyone looking for higher rankings and better exposure should know that just having more pages isn’t going to rank you higher.  But as Matt says in this new web master video it’s more likely to get you more exposure since the site will have more pages overall that rank for a variety of keywords.  The more content certainly doesn’t mean better quality and that’s the important part.

All good SEO’s know and have been told a million times that if you want a site to rank highly then create content that’s unique, compelling, and that people will want to link to.  So ehow might have 1 million web pages but you don’t see us sending links their way.  The quality of the content just isn’t there and it’s filled with advertisements which doesn’t offer a great user experience in our opinion so we don’t link to them or see many links to them.

Also of note with this video: Check out how his shirt changes color as the video goes on.  Weird :)

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