Rovente Pizzeria

Rovente’s Pizzeria is a staple pizza restaurant throughout Portland OR.  They are well known for using fresh ingredients, their friendly service, and affordable prices.

Azunga worked with Rovente’s Pizzeria to create a new web site that would showcase the great food that they were creating as well as give their customers background about where they come from.  Since pizza restaurants are very commonly accessed from mobile devices it was important to create a responsive, online presence for them and their customers.  They also wanted to start offering customers coupons via newsletter and online.

Rovente’s Pizzeria is a small business owned by owners that care deeply about the community and giving back to locals.  Azunga is grateful for a being able to work with and continue to work with Rovente’s Pizzeria to help them achieve their online goals and to gain new customers.   Please feel free to view their web site for more information.

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Rovente Pizzeria

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