SNK Group Site Launch


We’re please to announce the launch of SNK Group’s new web site.  Their web site features a wealth of information about the services they offer as well as case studies of current and previous clients, news about current events and resources for others to find out more information about SNK Group.

SNK Group are locally owned accountants, consultants, and tax preparers for many global brand names and companies.  With services like accounting, business advisory, virtual accounting, and taxation they are able to help businesses of all sizes stay on top of all the accounting complexities a business has.  The team at SNK Group have experience and solutions for all the details and hard work that’s needed to run a successful business in today’s age.

SNK’s Groups new web site from Azunga will allow new clients and existing clients to easily find them online and effectively communicate the services that SNK Group has to offer.  With our web site solution Azunga was able to meet and exceed all the expectations from SNK Group while still hitting deadlines, communicating effectively, and the goals of the team at SNK Group.  We look forward to working with the folks at SNK Group in the future!

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