Site Launch for Pauline Picco Counseling


We’re happy to announce the web site launch of Pauline Picco Pauline worked with Azunga to create a beautiful brand experience for all of her therapy and counseling clients.   This new branding will bring in new clients and help keep current clients informed of any news, forms, or information about the types of therapy Pauline offers.  Her counseling and therapy practice in Beaverton will thrive now that she has a new branding that’s cleaner, easier for visitors, and helps convert new visitors to clients.


The web site highlights a positive flow that allows the visitors to easily contact Pauline for either a free consultation or to follow up with any questions.  We designed the web site to be very user friendly on desktop, mobile, and tablets.  It’s simple and straightforward without an over load of information but enough rich content so that search engines will love the site.  It’s 100% search engine optimized from the ground up for a specifically selected group of keywords for maximum return on investment. 

The old web site was very simple, poorly designed for mobile, didn’t focus on conversions, and looked very much like a cookie cutter template which lacked in a modern, clean look.  The new web site focus’s on all the shortcomings of the old web site.  We worked with Pauline to put an emphasis on modern, clean, and user friendly across all types of browsers and devices.  

We welcome you to check out the new web site for Pauline Picco in Beaverton, Oregon.

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  1. Owen Carver June 29, 2017 at 2:34 am #

    Beautiful WordPress website you’ve built! I like the sections and images and diagonal lines you used. :-)

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