New Web Site Launch : Phil Marden Design

New Web Site Launch for Phil Marden Design
We’re happy to announce a new web site launch from Azunga. We worked with Phil Marden to create a web site that showcases his designs and illustrations.  Being user friendly on the front-end and being able to maintain the web site easily was a focus of ours.  Phil is a well know designer and illustrator for a number of publications around the world.  His unique design and style are very cool!

The web site features many types of galleries for displaying the different designs of Phil Marden. Also the web site features a fixed menu approach which allows users of the web site to view long listings of images, collections or illustrations. To display some collections of licensing materials the web site incorporates a side scrolling approach that allows users to quickly view many different designs and illustrations. The result is a clean web site that is very user friendly with a focus on the artwork being presented.

View his web site,, here.

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