New Site Launch For Michelle’s Piano


We’re pleased to announce the web site redesign launch of Michelle’s Piano.  Michelle’s Piano company is based here in Portland, OR.

We’ve been working with Michelle’s Piano company on their online marketing for many years.  For this web site redesign we worked with Michelle’s to make sure that they have a web site that meets many goals of theirs.

Web Site Redesign Goals for Michelle’s Piano

  • Updated web site design to look more modern which includes a video introduction / header for desktop users.
  • Mobile friendly design that’s fast and responsive.
  • More clear calls to action such as call, phone, email, and forms.
  • More white space on web site pages to focus the user on specific parts of the page such as featured pictures and videos.
  • Focus of the major brands, Steinway, Essex, Boston, Roland, and Piano Disc, that Michelle’s Piano exclusively sells.
  • Addition of many new videos and sound clips for users to see and hear the huge variety of pianos.
  • Additional store photos for better sense of large inventory of new and used pianos.
  • Focus on upcoming events, recitals, and competitions.

Overall the new design of Michelle’s Piano allows visitors to easily navigate to the piano of their liking or the type of style piano that the user is looking for.  A simplified navigation and sub-navigation make navigating around the web site easier.  Added videos and multimedia bring the customer / visitors more information about the pianos that they are looking for.


As always, we’ll be monitoring the new Michelle’s Piano to make sure that search engines and visitors are liking the new update and design.  We look forward to working with Michelle’s Piano in the future.

View Michelle’s Piano’s new web site here.

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