Caravan – Tiny House Hotel


We’re pleased to announce that Caravan – Tiny House Hotel is now online and live.  This unique and one of a kind hotel is the only hotel to feature only tiny houses.  The owners of the Tiny House Hotel decided to share the experience of staying in a tiny house with world when they opened up Caravan.  Caravan features many different options for tiny houses as well.  Some sleep 2 people and are small (but feel big) while others are larger in size and sleep up to 3 people.  All feature all the normal amenities of a traditional hotel room such as running water, flush toilets, electric heat, and even a kitchen.

Azunga created a web site that met the goals of the owners of Caravan and give the web site users a great experience.

Goals and Accomplishments:

  • Fully Responsive Design for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Devices.
  • Fully custom online reservation system that is responsive for all devices.
  • Stripe payment processing.
  • A design that complimented the feel of Caravan.
  • A dynamic web site that was easy to manage.

We were able to provide all of these features at an affordable rate for Caravan without loosing touch with the target audience or their goals.  Now Caravan is seeing great amounts of web site traffic, many online reservations, and tons of exposure to their business from sources such as CNN, OregonLive, HuffingtonPost, ABC, Yahoo!, and many more.

We highly recommend a stay at Caravan if you haven’t yet!

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