Capitol Cider is Now Live!

Capitol Cider Web Site Launch

We’re pleased to announce that Capitol Cider’s new web site is now live.

We took a company trip up to Capitol Cider’s new restaurant and cider bar to see the new location.   Wow!  The owner has done an amazing job.  The tap listings are all live tv screens which auto refresh whenever a new tap is listed in the computer systems.  This system was very well implemented and is now featured on the web site as well so patrons can find out if their favorite cider or beer is on tap.

The food was delicious and tasted wonderful.  It’s was obviously local and fresh ingredients that were made with love.  The atmosphere couldn’t be beat.  The upper level has a good restaurant vibe that is appropriately loud but not dead quiet, great artwork from a local college, and comfy seating all around.  The lower level is more a bar scene which features shuffle board, open spaces for groups, large tables for party’s, game tables for a friendly chess match and much more.  We highly recommend visiting when you’re in Seattle next.

All this talk of the food, atmosphere, and good times has us forgetting about Azunga’s role.  The web site features a WordPress content management system built on a customized theme made just for Capitol Cider.  It’s 100% responsive and mobile friendly as well as search engine optimized to grab those keyword searches from all over the net.  We look forward to seeing Capitol Ciders new web site progress as well as grabbing a few ciders whenever we’re up in Seattle next!

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