Review Handout Generator for Google+

Google+ Review Handout for Businesses

I just came across this review handout generator for Google+ and thought it would be a great resource for any small business to use.  It generates a PDF that allows you to print out and give out to customers in order to boost the amount of reviews your business has on Google+. 

Reviews on Google+ are great to have for many reasons.  When potential customers are searching for your web site or service (more importantly) sometimes the searches come back as local search results.  That means that specific keywords that are searched return a list of sites, a map of their location, and a link to their reviews on Google+.  The better the reviews, the better the star rating and the more likely that searchers will click on your web site.   Many local search engine optimization experts and myself believe that the higher the amount and better rating a business has then the better the rankings in the search engine results pages (ie. SERPs).

This review handout generator for Google+ is graciously created, hosted, and offered by

Access the Review Handout Generator for Google+ here.

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